Valves, Fittings & Tubings

The MAXIMATOR valves, fittings and tubing are suitable for different media and operating pressures up to 10,500 bar.


  • Engineering and Production exclusively in Germany
  • Wide range of Products available
  • Short delivery times due to highly flexible manufacturing
  • Certificates (Declaration of manufacturer, ATEX, etc.) for all Products readily available

Based on decades of experience in the field of high pressure technology MAXIMATOR manufactures valves and fittings for the chemical industry, water-jet cutting, power systems and test bench manufacture.

Clean and modern manufacturing

A modern manufacturing operation has been established at our Nordhausen factory. The plant complies, especially in the high-pressure area, with all requirements to ultra-clean production and thus ensures highest fabrication and quality standards.

The MAXIMATOR team is highly qualified and experienced in high-pressure technologies. Following final inspection the components are shrink wrapped which guarantee dust-free delivery to their destinations.

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Valves 22500 psi

MAXIMATOR valves of the 21V series have a cold-machined stainless steel body. Valve bodies are available in six different designs and can be equipped with regulating stem.

A special feature is the non-rotating stem which ensures a long life and thus a high reliability of the valve.

Fittings 22500 psi

MAXIMATOR fittings and gland assemblies of the 1,550 bar series are designed for simple and safe connection of HP pipes up to a max. pressure of 1,550 bar.

Filters 22500 psi

MAXIMATOR dual-disc line filters of the 1,550 bar series filter gases and fluids to a max. pressure of 1,550 bar.

MAXIMATOR cup type filters of the 1,550 bar series filter solids from gases and fluids up to a max. pressure of 1,550 bar.

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