Who We Are

We take pleasure to introduce ourselves as partners of MAXIMATOR Gmbh of Germany in India for the territory of India, Srilanka and Bangladesh. MAXIMATOR Gmbh, as a first class manufacturer, is ISO 9001 certified and Member of the NACE association and other public and private organisations.

The products are very advantageous in many ways for e.g. safe to use in explosion proof areas, easy to install and operate, outlet pressure preset by use of simple air regulator, pressure held without further energy consumption, no heat generated.

MAXIMATOR Gmbh has worldwide references in all major sectors of industries like Engineering, construction of Airplanes / Shipyards, Chemical industries, Oil industries, Mining industries, Hose and plastic manufacturing industry, Research and Development, etc. Since many years due to dense distribution systems MAXIMATOR products are successfully used worldwide by most of the renowned companies for various applications.

MAXIMATOR have emerged as one of the world leaders in providing complete solution for high-pressure technology and manufacture following products:

  • Air driven high-pressure gas booster up to 1500 bar.
  • Air driven compressed air amplifiers up to 40 bar.
  • Air driven high-pressure liquid pump for oil, water & emulsion up to 5500 bar.
  • Valves, fittings & tubings up to 10,500 bar.
  • Pressure intensifier up to 10,000 bar.
  • Gas and water assist injection system.
  • Testing benches for pressure, bursting pressure & pulse tests.


High Pressure Pump

Our amplifiers are suitable for compressing pressurized air or nitrogen, providing an ideal solution for selected pressure increases. We offer our customers solutions to individual requirements that remove the necessity of investing in their own high pressure pipe networks

Gas Booster Systems

Basically, Maximator pumps are operating according to the pressure intensifier principle. The outlet pressure is calculated by the transmission ratio between air piston and plunger piston multiplied by the drive pressure. I.e., the static ultimate pressure of the hydraulic can be adjusted by regulation of the supply pressure.

Booster Stations

MAXIMATOR booster stations for technological gases are complete and ready for operation, being able to generate operating pressures of up to 1,500 bar (21,000 psi). The stations can be used for all kinds of testing and filling tasks, and for a wide variety of pressure generation duties.